For 11 years Project O has been around providing help to the underprivileged children in Indonesia. This year we are aiming to reach a new target audience to come to our event. With this decision in mind, we are changing our name into Indonation. The reason why we chose Indonation as our new name is to serve a clear purpose of what our event really is, accumulating donations for the underprivileged in Indonesia.

The name is a combination of Indonesia and Donation which are the main theme of our event. Every year Indonation aims to create a greater impact in various sectors. In our former event, we focused on the importance of education in underprivileged children. This year, we aim to help in several sectors in an underprivileged area.

indonation 2021 logo
indonation 2021 logo
our philosophy

Our logo embodies a humanitarian act as well as Indonesian
cultural representation. In particular, we have embedded
a Batik pattern from West Nusa Tenggara

The native Batik in West Nusa Tenggara is called “Batik Sasambo”.
In April 2010, the Indonesian government initiated the production
of this Batik. “Sasambo” is an acronym of the three main tribes in
West Nusa Tenggara which are “Sasak”, “Sumbawa” and “Mbojo”.
Hence, harmony was bridged between the tribes in
the making of “Batik Sasambo”.


We aim to improve the living
quality and create a better future
for underprivileged areas.

  • To help educate the community in Sumbawa
    with necessary skills and knowledge.
  • To provide the necessity
    needed for citizen in Sumbawa.
  • To raise awareness regarding the problems
    occuring in underprivileged areas.
what is harapan project?
Harapan Project is a Non-Governmental organization that aims to help the community and citizens in Sumbawa overcoming problems and creating a brighter future. Established in 2010, Harapan Project has Established in 2010, Harapan Project has education, basic infrastructures, nutrition and access to clean water.

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current activities
  • Giving free medical assistance to sick children
  • Providing hospitals with necessary equipment
  • Preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • Help improving children's education
  • Giving assistance to people in situations of special need
  • Help improving living conditions
This year, Indonation will be collaborating with Harapan Project as we will help them in raising awareness and gaining funds. 80% of the profit gained by Indonation will be donated to Harapan Project.
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  • Youtube: Indonation PPIA RMIT
  • Facebook: Indonation PPIA RMIT
  • Twitter: indonation_au
  • TikTok: indonation.ppiarmit